Healthcare organizations are challenged with the complexity of managing staffing decisions in order to provide quality care and operational excellence. The CentricityTM Patient Classification - Assignment Module provides a way for healthcare organizations to easily manage the workload distribution of oncoming staff. The Assignment Module takes the first step in facilitating data-driven staffing assignments through technology that offers automatic assignment recommendations of staff based on historical, current and predictive information.

Assignment Module Advantages:

  • Control costs through staffing efficiencies
  • Save time with automation of staff assignments
  • Track patient flow through the organization
  • Utilize real-time census data to make staffing decisions
  • Increase quality of care with visibility to patient, nurse, and unit demands
  • Improve patient satisfaction and nurse retention through continuity of care
  • Maximize data from your staffing and scheduling solution

The Value of Integration for Data-Driven Staffing

Integrated with Scheduling

The Assignment Module maximizes and enhances your staffing and scheduling solution, by adding the next layer, assigning staff. By interfacing with census data and integrating with CentricityTM Staffing and Scheduling, you are able to make up-to date staffing decisions that are flexible as well as objective. The Assignment Module also provides visibility which helps you to ensure both cost effective and safe staffing decisions are made.

The Next Step: Assigning staff based on patient need

The Assignment Module is the first step toward achieving data-driven staffing. Once you are ready, our CentricityTM Patient Classification provides the functionality to assign staff based on patient need, for effective and equitable assignments. With our full solution, patient data is continuously integrated from the Electronic Health Record to classify patients and assign caregivers. The Centricity Patient Classification evaluates current patient data and can predict future staffing needs based on that data. Our solution continuously updates the information outputted to users based on changing patient needs, to determine workload and appropriate staff, which can lead to increased patient satisfaction, staff retention and cost savings.