Make Better Decisions Thanks to Real-Time Information.

Outdated information can make it difficult to proactively manage overtime and more efficiently control labor costs. Designed specifically for a 24/7 healthcare environment, our integrated Healthcare Business Analytics Solution delivers deep insight into all areas, promoting better efficiency and more fiscally sound labor decisions. Our solution doesn’t just point out problems; it shows how to fix them. Now more than ever before, creating a link between the clinical and financial sides of the healthcare business is essential to delivering quality patient care enterprise-wide.

A Big Picture View of the Workforce.

When it comes to healthcare staffing, resource optimization is the goal. It’s costly to deploy more resources than necessary, and it’s detrimental to quality care goals to not have the right resources in place. Integrated into the workforce management suite, our business analytics tools provide a broad real-time view of labor resources across every department, enabling managers to make instant adjustments. Optimizing for excellence begins with effective distribution of labor resources.

Controlling Overtime Keeps the Clinical and Financial Sides of the Business in Sync.

If left unchecked, overtime can become one of the largest expenses a health system will have. While not completely unavoidable, reining in unnecessary overtime is critical to bringing down expenses and ensuring the most effective use of labor resources. Our innovative business analytics technology allows for a complete view of the labor landscape that includes actual cost in dollars as well as hours. In addition it considers actual time worked and future schedules, alerting managers of preventable overtime situations and incidental overtime occurrences.

Improve Performance By Keeping Productivity Elevated.

Overtime isn’t the only barrier to aligning clinical and financial goals. Productivity challenges also play a significant role in preventing a fully optimized workforce. Integrated time and attendance productivity data allows for the easy evaluation of staff efficiencies in relation to work completed. Understanding where to improve efficiencies is important to keeping performance elevated and quality high.