Join a growing team dedicated to excellence.

Our mission is to elevate quality and performance across the healthcare community through innovative workforce technology. To get there we rely on the hard work of our very talented team of associates.

Collaboration is what makes our world go round.

We are firm believers in the power of collaboration. From the top down, every associate at API Healthcare contributes to the mission, and we do it together. We were founded on a single idea in 1982, and today no idea is too small and every idea is worth considering. We are not bound by titles. Executives, department leaders and associates all work together, every day to ensure that our clients realize their goal of delivering more optimal patient outcomes by ensuring the highest quality of care.

Committed to client excellence. Committed to associate excellence.

API Healthcare has set the bar for workforce management technology at Excellence. We call it Workforce Management to the Highest Power. When you work for API Healthcare you join a team of intelligent, passionate and dedicated individuals who love coming to work every day. In the same way we are committed to developing solutions for our clients, we are committed to developing our associates. Work for us and you will get more than just basic benefits. We invest in your professional development because your success is our success.

We care for you like family because you are family.

From the minute you walk in the door, you will get the sense that things are really special at API Healthcare. That’s because they are. We consider every associate who works here part of our family and we treat you that way. Whether it’s a warm and friendly hello from the CEO, or the celebrations we hold during the year to say thanks for a job well done, family comes first for us. Families also never keep secrets from each other, and neither do we. Transparency is a core value at API Healthcare and we take great pride in keeping our associates up to date with every aspect of the business.