Value-based outcome metrics have changed the game in healthcare.

Your clients want competent and qualified staff who meet the same quality standards as their own employees. If you can’t deliver, they will look elsewhere.

180+ Competency Tests and Skills Assessments

Qualify candidates before you hire with unlimited access to 180+ nationally validated competency tests and skills assessments that have been developed, reviewed and validated by a clinical advisory board and a clinical review board comprised of real-world clinicians and practitioners.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service and Quality

Automate the diverse compliance requirements for all of your clients with configurable credential management compliance rules and enforcement features.

Increase Quality through Automation

Create requirements that meet your organization’s and your clients’ needs - driving the automatic assignment of competency tests at crucial points in the staffing process.

Minimize Risk Exposure

When you hire and place the most qualified candidates, you reduce your risk of exposure and gain the trust and confidence of your clients. No matter what type of healthcare staffing services you provide, consistently placing highly competent staff is a key differentiator that can help ensure your agency’s success for years to come.

Did You Know?

The use of substandard test development and validation procedures can greatly increase the vulnerability of a test to legal challenges.

To learn how nationally validated competency tests within Centricity™ Contingent Staffing by API Healthcare were developed, we invite you to review:

Competency Validation: An Advisory Board Approach
by Tammy Barben, RN, MSN

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