Compliance Management


"API Healthcare helps keep me compliant and lets my clients know that they are working with a staffing firm that is committed to quality." -Ms. Gioia Shelden, Owner, Pro-Tem Personnel Agency, Inc


API Healthcare delivers enterprise level credential and compliance management to staffing agencies of all sizes. Extremely flexible, our web-based solution is configurable based upon user-defined placement requirements and individual healthcare professional credentials. Our integrated technology generates a comprehensive view into every personnel profile -- further ensuring the right placements are made each and every time. Hospitals want qualified temporary staff and prefer to do business with agencies that can quickly and consistently place competent and credentialed healthcare professionals. When the quality of patient care is at stake, anything less is unacceptable.


  • Streamline compliance reporting for Joint Commission Health Care Staffing Certification and auditing
  • Manage national, agency, state, and client requirements
  • Track individual healthcare professional expertise, such as skill set and equipment experience
  • Ensure you and your professionals remain compliant with proactive alerts of expiring credentials
  • Mitigate risk and reduce legal exposure