Emergency Preparedness

Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature
throws your way.

Health Systems

Health Systems

Staffing Agencies

Staffing Agencies

“Being prepared to respond to disasters is very important to us. CommandAware took our command center, which was often a place of organized chaos, and it brought calm to it. If I was at another hospital that didn’t have CommandAware, I would definitely bring it in.”-Dan McLaughlin, Vice President of Professional Services
Good Samaritan Hospital

Instill order and recover swiftly.

When a disaster strikes, local area hospitals suddenly become the most critical function within a community. API Healthcare CommandAware® is a secure virtual command center that helps emergency preparedness coordinators and administration make better decisions during all four phases of disaster management including preparation, mitigation, response and recovery.

Deliver coordinated emergency care with minimal disruptions.

Disasters impact entire regions, not just individual hospitals. The CommandAware incident management platform provides hospitals, state and local governments, and first responders with the tools they need to respond to disasters in unison—through real time resource availability, purpose-built communications, and real time Incident Command System contact information.

Maximize reimbursements with online documentation and after action reports.

After an incident, documentation must be compiled and distributed for FEMA reimbursement. CommandAware allows you to create after action reports for FEMA and insurance reimbursement with online documentation.

Simplify drills, exercises, and surveys.

CommandAware is also used for operational activities such as drills, incident management, and Joint Commission surveys to decrease disruptions to normal hospital services.

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