Simplify the Monumental Tasks Associated With Collecting and Maintaining Employee Data.

An important component to streamlining human resources and payroll processes is effective management of personnel data. Every manager from every department needs access to the most up to date personnel information in order to operate effectively. Designed to work the way a healthcare organization does, our industry-focused human resources and payroll technology helps create a more optimized workforce and more positive patient experiences.

“By transparently sharing information and giving every single employee easy access to their data, we’ve improved employee satisfaction. That leads to more positive patient experiences.” - Sara Zappi, Director of Human Resources Ellis Medicine

Simplified Payroll Means Fewer Mistakes, Faster Processes and More Streamlined Tasks.

Integrated with Time and Attendance, our payroll technology verifies the important data and makes corrections before payroll is finalized, which eliminates costly errors. Features like time entry reconciliation enable processing of an entire employee set only once with the ability to reprocess select employees and those with changes since the last pay period. In 30 years, none of our clients have missed a payroll; our technology is the reason why.

Complex Benefit Packages Don’t Have to Result in Complex Benefit Management.

Integrated with payroll, our benefits solution automatically knows when to make adjustments or contribution changes, greatly improving accuracy and employee satisfaction. With greater flexibility over plan configuration and automatic determination of values, costs and matching amounts, the need for manual intervention is eliminated. The removal of redundant tasks keeps benefits administrators organized and optimized for excellence.

Employee Empowerment is a Real Morale Booster.

Enhanced employee self-service technology gives health system workers control over their own benefits, pay statements, W2’s, PTO and direct deposit data. Employees are more satisfied, data is more accurate and human resources saves time. It’s a win for everyone.