With the temporary healthcare staffing market projected to reach $15 Billion in revenue by 2017, staffing agencies with the most qualified talent will have the best chance to address the needs of the healthcare staffing industry, and take advantage of this opportunity. 

More hospitals are counting on contingent labor to round out their core workforce management strategies. Is your organization ready to handle the demand?

Online Application
Create a superior candidate experience and shorten your application start to completion rates.

Online Employment Documents
Recruiting, hiring, and staffing healthcare professionals is time-sensitive and involves volumes of paperwork. No one has time to wait for signatures and completed forms to arrive; certainly not your clients who need to fill open shifts right now. Digital signature capture and Review & Sign technology can make it easy to expedite the hiring and onboarding process. 

Competency Testing Library
Access 180+ clinically validated competency tests and skills checklists and fully qualify your contingent staff. Make the appropriate assignments for electronic completion anytime during the hiring or ongoing compliance process. Web-based technology allows staff to complete tests at anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection. 

Skills Checklists Library
Let candidates review and update their skills so you can make better staffing decisions based upon what your clients need.