Having the Right Caregivers Can Make All the Difference in the World.

Staffing based on patient needs requires consideration of many complex variables. The API Healthcare Patient Classification Solution guides you through those complexities to match the right nurse with the right patient every time. Scheduling based on patient needs means patient care is greatly improved.

Remain Compliant With Safe Staffing Requirements.

Safe staffing legislation has impacted nearly half of the states in the U.S. Now more than ever, caregivers need a way to quickly assess patient needs and make appropriate staffing assignments. Our patient classification technology is designed to find the most effective combination of schedule, time and skills to meet daily patient needs.

Cost-Effective Staffing That Leads to Better Patient Outcomes.

The link between patient care metrics and reimbursements is driving the need to improve care delivery at all levels. Health systems that can make the most effective connection between caregiver and patient will ultimately realize the best possible clinical outcomes, which yield positive financial results. Our innovative, reliable patient classification technology fosters integration between patient needs data and labor pool resources, ensuring optimal care delivery.

A Foundation of Reliable and Valid Methodology.

Staffing based on patient needs is a data-driven process that requires the perfect balance of both objectivity and professional nursing judgment. Based on each organization’s unique profile, the API Healthcare Patient Classification Solution combines relevant data to predict nursing requirements accurately, identify patient needs correctly and improve the quality of nurse/patient assignments.

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