There are few things in contingent healthcare staffing that are more complicated than invoicing and payroll. Centricity™ Contingent Staffing helps simplify the most complex scenarios.

Integrated and Interdependent Payroll and Billing
Connecting the process of paying employees to the process of invoicing clients ensures you always bill for services rendered, increasing profitability and reducing process overhead. 

Did you Know?
Centricity Contingent Staffing has more than three decades of experience processing payroll for healthcare. Healthcare is complicated. Experience and expertise matter. That’s why more than 300 contingent healthcare staffing agencies count on us to manage their biggest payroll and billing challenges.

Timesheet Reconciliation
Automatically calculate overtime, holidays, weekday/weekend rates, split shifts, and charge nurse rates. Based entirely upon rules that you and your clients establish, timesheet reconciliation helps reduce errors in pay calculations and helps ensure your clients are charged accurately. 

Payroll Distribution Module
Employees prefer to get paid in a timely manner, and they want their compensation to be accurate. Centricity Contingent Staffing software creates processes that support accurate payroll and increase employee satisfaction. 

Regardless of how often you pay, our technology gives your team the flexibility to distribute payroll using a variety of methods that best fit your agency and your healthcare professionals’ needs. The optional Payroll Distribution module can distribute payroll via printed checks, direct deposits or cash card. Optional Positive Pay integration helps prevent paycheck fraud by ensuring every payroll check you cut, and only the payroll checks you cut, are cashed or deposited exactly as expected. 

Multiple clients can mean multiple invoicing variances, all which require flexibility on your part to configure and sort the invoice data according to your clients’ requirements. Decrease human error and increase client satisfaction through more accurate invoicing that leverages consolidated billing, split-unit invoicing and offset billing. 

Payroll & Back Office integration
Streamline and simplify back office processes through optional integration with many of the major third party payroll and accounting software vendors including ADP, Paychex, Ceridian, QuickBooks, J.D. Edwards, PeopleSoft and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

To find out how Centricity Contingent Staffing can help you manage your payroll and billing challenges we invite you to download our latest white papers.