Fill Ratio to Value. More Orders = More Revenue



"API Healthcare’s innovative staff scheduling solutions optimize our credibility with all of our clients." -Steve Mena, PHS Staffing



Identify the best matches and fill orders quickly. That’s workforce technology to the highest power.

Order Fill and Time-to-Fill ratios are critically important to you and your clients. It is equally important to identify the right healthcare professional with the necessary credentials and schedule availability. However, it’s not just about speed; it’s also about quality. API Healthcare’s staff scheduling technology gives healthcare staffing agencies the right tools to quickly match available healthcare worker qualifications and fill orders faster.


  • Streamline scheduling operations and increase client satisfaction
  • Improve scheduling processes and be more competitive
  • Strengthen overall efficiencies with complete insight into staffing operations and real-time visibility of filled, open and voided shifts
  • Increase communication among staffing coordinators, clients, affiliate vendors and healthcare professionals
  • Diminish missed revenue opportunities by improving your order fill-ratio
  • Increase new hire productivity by removing scheduling guesswork

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