Quality patient care begins with data-driven staffing and scheduling

Staffing is more than just filling a shift. In a 24/7 healthcare environment, where the quality of patient care is only as good as the team of caregivers assigned to administer the care, dozens of factors come into play. Our team of healthcare experts has developed an integrated staffing and scheduling solution that considers all factors, enabling health systems to optimize resources and deliver excellent patient care.

"API Healthcare’s innovative staffing and scheduling technology helps optimize our organization for excellence." -Michele Pfliger, Technical Staffing Coordinator/Business Analyst St. Alexius Medical Center

Empower employees and elevate productivity

Achieving a better work-life balance is critical to employee satisfaction, and self-service options help employees find that balance. Employee empowerment through innovative tools such as employee open shift management and mobile access will drive employee morale up, improve productivity and elevate quality of care.

Complete scheduling visibility across the entire continuum of care

To schedule effectively, it’s necessary to have the complete picture. Access to budgeted unit needs and master schedules allow for more cost-effective staffing assignments. Visibility into the entire organization provides across the board insight into scheduling gaps, available resources and cost controls, ensuring budgets are met and patient care quality remains high.

When all pieces work together, quality and performance improves

Shift assignment is only one piece of the scheduling puzzle. The innovative technology behind Staffing and Scheduling is designed to integrate with API Healthcare’s Time and Attendance and Patient Classification technology, providing a full picture view of the scheduling landscape. The most informed scheduling decisions result in the most cost-effective use of resources. Quality of patient care and organizational performance are optimized when intelligent technology is used to drive staffing decisions.