It’s time to rethink how we approach staff scheduling in healthcare.

Traditional staffing and scheduling models rely on managers to lead the process, which can create silos within units. This top-down method leaves little room for employee input or employee engagement. Collaborative Staffing is a ground up model that can deliver remarkable outcomes because it allows employees to be a part of the workforce solution. Working side-by-side, managers and employees build schedules together, ensuring staff preferences and patient coverage needs are met enterprise-wide.


Decrease premium labor expenditures with increased visibility and better utilization of existing resources

Improve employee satisfaction and engagement with increased autonomy and flexibility

Optimize PRNs with greater visibility into their commitments.

Enhance efficiency with streamlined and standardized processes that make scheduling simpler and more accessible across the organization

Reduce the administrative burden on managers and free them up to focus on patients and staff

No matter what your staffing and scheduling challenges may be, GE Healthcare has an integrated solution that considers all factors, enabling you to optimize resources and meet your patient care goals. In addition, we offer multiple solutions, including CentricityTM ShiftSelect™ and CentricityTM Staffing and Scheduling to meet the IT and deployment needs of healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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