Say Goodbye to Costly Productivity Issues.

Pay policies and time tracking rules are often extremely complicated in healthcare. That can compromise productivity levels. In a 24/7 healthcare setting, across the entire continuum of care, having a time and attendance solution that integrates with staffing and scheduling as well as payroll, while navigating all of the unique complexities, is critical to keeping labor costs in check and productivity levels high.

"Real-time reporting has made a significant difference in our ability to keep labor costs in check and to take better control of our productivity." - Jacob Krive, Manager Project Information Systems Advocate Health Care

Know What’s Happening in Real-Time and Take Control of Labor Expenses.

Imagine being able to view overtime or productivity issues before problems even occur. Being able to view critical productivity data instantaneously allows for informed real-time adjustments that can make a sizeable impact on cost control. Designed for the unique complexities of the healthcare industry, our innovative technology delivers the ability to control overtime and other premium labor costs.

Streamlined Application of Policies Across the Entire Organization.

Complex pay policies can be challenging to apply accurately and consistently across an entire organization, especially when the organization encompasses multiple locations and multiple states. The technology behind our robust time and attendance solution streamlines the application of even the most complicated rules, ensuring equitable and accurate results. Getting it done quickly and correctly saves time and increases employee satisfaction.

Giving Employees More Power Over Their Data is Good for Everyone.

Empowering employees to take control of their data is good for both the organization and the employee. Our comprehensive time and attendance technology allows for reviewing timecards, tracking hours worked, viewing vacation and sick time and requesting time off, all from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Accurate and Efficient Payroll is Something Everyone Can Appreciate.

Integrated with our Human Resources and Payroll Solution, the technology behind our Time and Attendance Solution allows for more accurate and efficient payroll processes. Reporting functionality provides payroll departments with a complete view of time and pay data at the individual, departmental or facility level. Less time spent on data entry means greater efficiency throughout the organization.

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