Nursing-driven financial decisions matter. The economic environment of healthcare has been evolving for decades, with recent legislation, such as the Affordable Care Act, fundamentally shifting how and where care is delivered. A volatile marketplace, where profitability is critical to organizational survival, traditional staffing methods and scheduling systems that don’t focus enough on nurse/patient criteria are no longer effective.

Nurse staffing matters. Just as hospitals have evolved, staffing systems have advanced as well; however, adopting innovative approaches, including acuitybased staffing, has been slower. Now, heightened consumerism, diminished resources, and limited availability of healthcare talent are driving prioritization of the workforce as a vital asset rather than a routine expense.

And an organization’s view that People matter must be reflected in the philosophy that the workforce and the patient care they deliver are priorities. Adequate staffing levels are critical to daily operations and optimal outcomes such as quality, safety, and satisfaction. For more than 10 years, credible research has demonstrated that inadequate staffing increases costly adverse patient outcomes and staff turnover.

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