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API Healthcare is Returning to Its Strong Roots

We are very pleased to announce that API Healthcare is now a stand-alone company. We’re excited to be going back to our strong roots!

Although there have been some transitions over the last couple of years, one thing that hasn’t changed is our staff’s expertise. API Healthcare’s experienced staff have an average employee tenure of nine years, and they have a strong commitment to our clients’ success.

Dr. Karlene Kerfoot, API Healthcare’s long-time Chief Nursing Officer, shares her perspective: "With the change from traditional opinion-based staffing to the new world of intelligent, data-driven staffing, the opportunity to be able to focus solely on patient-centered workforce management solutions will have a positive impact on our client’s outcomes and significantly impact patient, caregiver and financial outcomes."

Already, plans are underway to provide our clients with more products and services that will help them better optimize their workforce. We recognize effectively managing their workforce has an important impact on operations, and we look forward to the opportunity to partner more closely with our clients to drive outcomes and impact quality of care at their organization.

Bill Christy, API Healthcare’s Interim President and CEO shares why he’s excited about this direction, explaining, "We recognize that a strong workforce management strategy helps increase organizational resilience by delivering clinical, financial and operational outcomes. Being a stand-alone company allows us to be solely focused on providing clients with tools and services to help them optimize their workforce. Our only priority is ensuring that our clients can achieve the outcomes that matter to them."

About API Healthcare
For over 30 years, API Healthcare has been delivering Workforce Management Solutions developed specifically for healthcare. The company was acquired by GE Healthcare in 2014, and is now proud to be returning to its strong roots as a stand-alone company. API Healthcare is well-positioned to continue to deliver clinical and financial outcomes to clients seeking to optimize their workforce through technology, analytics and consultative services.