Making the Business Case for HR

Talking with Debra Palmer, MS, RN, Chief Human Resource Officer and Corporate Compliance Officer at Fairfield Medical Center, always inspires me. She’s a woman with a lot of energy, a clear direction and a passion for empowering her team.

That energy and passion has revitalized Fairfield Medical Center’s HR strategy. Debra recognized that the HR team should be a valued contributor to operational strategy, and that meant they needed to focus on updating their processes and technology. To help them build and execute a strategy to do that, Fairfield Medical Center turned to API Healthcare. Debra explains, “API Healthcare has helped us leverage technology in a way that not only gets business results, but also utilizes the best of our employee talent to care for our patients.”

With streamlined HR processes and integrated technology in place, the HR team can now use data to bring value to the hospital’s operational strategy. Debra summarizes, “Because we were able to bring information and metrics to leadership in a timely manner we were successfully able to demonstrate our value and worth to the organization and the overall bottom line. Perceptions today are 180 degrees different than they were when we started this process. Efficiencies and satisfaction scores are up, and API Healthcare has prepared us to remain agile and ready to support Fairfield Medical Center’s growth goals today and in the future.”

If you’d like to learn more about Fairfield Medical Center’s HR successes, take a look at their case study.


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