How Staffing Agencies Can Help Hospitals with Care Quality and Compliance

For the foreseeable future hospitals will remain focused on controlling costs and improving efficiencies while trying to adhere to strict quality standards. As such, healthcare staffing agencies will do the same. The healthcare staffing industry is unlike any other staffing industry vertical, primarily due to regulatory, accreditation and compliance requirements.

Quality is critical in healthcare staffing. It’s not enough to simply fill an order; hospitals demand qualified healthcare professionals and prefer to do business with staffing agencies that can quickly and consistently place competent and credentialed healthcare professionals. When the quality of patient care is at stake, anything less is unacceptable.

Quality standards do not just reside in the health systems and staffing agencies alone, but due to the rise of social media/social awareness and the desire to further connect with the community they serve, patients will continue to have a larger voice and greater feedback regarding quality standards. One such feedback tool is a survey utilized to gather patient feedback is the Consumer Assessment of Health Providers & Systems, or CAHPS. The term CAHPS refers to a comprehensive and evolving family of surveys that ask consumers and patients to evaluate the interpersonal aspects of health care.

Remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”? The future might just be “you get paid for the quality you give.” As Dr. Brian Poplin notes in his article, Hospital Care Quality Information from the Consumer Perspective, quality is increasingly important to healthcare facilities now that payments and reimbursements are directly tied to HCAHPS performance under the Affordable Care Act.

Patients expect the healthcare professional who is serving them to be competent enough to do their jobs effectively. Everyone will need to up their game to comply with the ever-complex regulatory, accreditation and compliance requirements. Staffing agencies, like hospitals, need to leverage technology to assist them with the arduous task of capturing, analyzing and processing vast amounts of employee-related data to assist with measuring the competency of their staff and maintaining industry compliance. After all, it’s quality of care that matters.


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    In this extremely provocative environment where quality becomes one of the major driving aspects, its truly highly important to look out for the efficient health care staffing which prove out lucrative for growth and success of medical centers.

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