Presagia’s Guide to Paid Sick Leave

Do you know which cities and states have paid sick leave laws?

The trend continues to grow, with more cities and states implementing paid sick leave laws last year than ever before. But this overwhelming surge of new laws leaves some employers floundering – how do you keep track of which laws affect your workforce?

To help you ensure compliance, we’ve created a paid sick leave guide in conjunction with Jackson Lewis and Spring Consulting Group, including a comparison of the laws for U.S. jurisdictions with paid sick leave. Originally published in May 2014, this updated document includes the astounding fourteen new laws passed in the last year, and provides employers with the knowledge they need to understand the laws that affect them.

Presagia’s Guide to Paid Sick Leave

Download the guide here!

API Healthcare has teamed up with Presagia to provide Time and Attendance clients with an integrated solution to help manage compliance with leave and disability regulation, including the FMLA and ADA. Presagia monitors and manages 450 pieces of federal and state legislation and updates these monthly in its Compliance Engine. This helps drive workflow automation and decision support to enhance leave processes and reduce costs, curb absence abuse and improve compliance. Presagia is a featured guest blogger, discussing absence management, disability management and leave compliance. Nothing in this guest post constitutes the provision of legal advice by API Healthcare. Employers should consult with their lawyers and other advisers to determine precisely how the law applies to them.


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