Does a Healthcare-Specific Vendor Matter?

Is expertise important? In healthcare, expertise is critical. Hospitals and health systems are made up of clinical professionals who have very specific areas of expertise. Hospital administrators looking to fill a position in thoracic surgery probably won’t hire an optometrist for the job. That would make no sense. It also makes no sense to hire a workforce management vendor that isn’t specific to healthcare.

Those of us who work in the industry know that the world of healthcare is very unique, and the way we do business is not comparable to anything else. Workforce management technology that works well in other industries will not be a one-size-fits-all solution that translates to healthcare. Staffing nurses is not the same as staffing a warehouse. When patient lives are the main priority, technology that reconciles patient-needs data with employee-related data and translates that into useable information is going to be significantly more effective than technology that sees a hole and fills it with the first available staff member.

The dynamics and intricacies that come with staffing an organization responsible for delivering high-quality patient care on a consistent 24/7/365 basis, is not an easy one for outsiders to grasp. When high-quality, affordable patient care is your number one priority, you need a dynamic and holistic workforce management system that is designed for, and understands the complexity and diversity of healthcare.

Today the healthcare industry is managing against new challenges, and many future uncertainties. Hospitals and health systems seeking to thrive long-term will need to develop agile, flexible workforce management strategies. The fastest way to achieve that goal is to leverage technology designed specifically for these challenges and uncertainties.

Sometimes the value of a healthcare-specific workforce management vendor becomes more clear during and after implementation. To hear from healthcare leaders that have been through the entire process, take a look at our complimentary whitepaper: Working with a Healthcare Exclusive Vendor. Does it really make a difference?


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