Is Overtime Causing More Damage Than You Realize?

Recently, I’ve been seeing a TV commercial that shows how a small change can have a big impact. In the commercial, a small domino is pushed over, which starts a process that knocks over progressively larger dominoes. In the end, a domino large enough to squash a car crashes down.

Just like the seemingly harmless small domino that starts a chain reaction that topples a domino large enough to do real damage, unmanaged overtime can have a domino effect that damages the bottom line, clinical outcomes and employee satisfaction at your hospital.

API Healthcare partnered with Sage Growth Partners to take a deep dive into researching the impact overtime can have. As expected, overtime can drive up labor costs. However, some of the other research findings unveiled other less expected issues caused by overtime. Studies have found overtime can contribute to decreased nurse and patient satisfaction, an increase in medical errors and an increase in nurse injuries.

To learn more about how overtime might be having a domino effect at your organization, take a look at the white paper, “Unveiling Overtime’s Total Costs: How OT May Be Harming Your Business and Your Patients.”


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