Transforming Acuity-Based Staffing

The concept of acuity-based staffing has been around for many years. But, while many healthcare professionals have heard so much about it, few have seen acuity-based staffing delivered successfully.

But, the changes in the healthcare industry will require effective acuity-based staffing strategies. First, there’s a growing body of safe staffing legislation. In fact, 13 states have safe staffing legislation pending or enacted, and legislation has been proposed at the federal level.  Second, patient outcomes rely on data-driven staffing decisions. Studies have shown that staffing impacts readmission rates, mortality rates, and length of stay.

At API Healthcare, we’re excited to be delivering our Patient Classification Solution, a proven acuity-based staffing system that allows clinicians to leverage integration with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) to make data-driven staffing decisions. That’s done by using the Clinical Information Interface to enable the mapping of data from the EMAR, CPOE and nursing documentation to create an accurate, meaningful picture of patient care needs.

Lilia Meraz-Gottfried, Director Clinical Informatics at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System (one of the first clients to go live with the Patient Classification Clinical Information Interface) summed it up by saying, “API Healthcare has literally changed the way patient acuity is accessed and managed. The ability to map a comprehensive picture of the patient and translate that into relevant action enables us to better manage elaborate assessments and accurately describe what is being done for patient-specific acuity.”

If your organization is looking for strategies to improve both patient care and the bottom line, it might be time to take another look at acuity-based staffing.



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