Harness real-time insights for better business results

Data that’s out of context and out of date can derail even the best efforts to proactively manage labor-related challenges, such as adjusting staff skill levels/competencies and controlling staffing costs. 

Designed specifically for the 24/7 healthcare environment, our integrated CentricityTM Business Analytics delivers deep insight into all areas that impact your ability to deliver high quality care while controlling labor costs.

Did you know? Healthcare executives say their top workforce management issues are controlling overtime and improving the skill level/competency mix.

Optimize resource distribution by accessing a broad view of labor across every department, allowing you to quickly spot trends and make agile adjustments.

Empower managers with real-time labor analytics to make on-the-fly staffing adjustments. Our solution doesn’t just point out problems; it shows how to fix them.

Meet quality care goals by ensuring properly skilled staff are in the right place at the right time.

Control overtime with business analytics that profile your labor landscape in dollars as well as hours.

Prevent avoidable overtime with labor analytics that compare actual time worked with future schedules, alerting them to incidental and preventable overtime.

Make targeted moves to increase productivity by accessing time and attendance data to evaluate staff efficiencies in relation to work performed. Understanding where to improve efficiencies is key to keeping performance elevated and quality high

Now more than ever, creating a link between the clinical and financial sides of the healthcare business is essential to delivering cost-effective, quality patient care enterprise-wide. To learn more about how we can help, we invite you to read:


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