Given the economic uncertainties in healthcare today, it’s not surprising that CFOs demand a strong business case to support any investment in new technology.

No problem. At Virence Health, we design integrated workforce management solutions to have an immediate positive impact on productivity and efficiency, while delivering a quick, reliable payback on your investment.

"With the development of our internal resource team and the infrastructure to manage scheduling, we have been able to reduce our overall premium contract labor by over $2 million annually. The implementation of ShiftSelect and the achievement of fill rates over 80% was an important part of our success in accomplishing that goal." -Donald Baker, Chief Financial Officer

Help reduce turnover costs by acquiring and retaining the right talent to match your organizational goals and patient mix

Avoid unnecessary overtime and premium labor costs through data-based scheduling practices that allow you to optimize clinical and non-clinical labor resources 

Help improve patient outcomes with comprehensive acuity data that enables the right match between nursing skills and patient need – helping to minimize costly readmissions and long hospital stays

Access business analytics to gain insight into all areas that impact your ability to deliver high quality care while controlling labor costs.

To learn more about our resources to help your organization reach its financial objectives, we invite you to check out these focused solutions: