For the Chief Nursing Officer, ensuring that quality of care remains high while labor costs remain under control is a primary objective.

“By taking a holistic approach to staffing and scheduling that focuses on creating a positive working environment for employees, we have been able to improve the overall patient experience.” – Angie Beard, CNO, NorthCrest Medical Center

Virence Health is an expert in healthcare staffing excellence, productivity and performance. We have tools to help the CNO:

Gain real-time visibility into the labor landscape to enable balanced patient assignments and better overtime control.

Make data-driven assignments with consideration to real time variances in unit flow and patient acuity.

Manage costs and ensure consistent care delivery with the ability to modify forecasts according to actual patient census and budget.

To learn more about our resources to help you ensure that the clinical and financial sides of the health system stay in sync, we invite you to check out these focused solutions: