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Ellis Medicine on Path to Long Term Sustainability

API Healthcare technology helped organization reduce labor costs by nearly $2 million

HARTFORD, Wisc.—January 7, 2013—API Healthcare, architect of the revolutionary Healthcare Workforce Information Exchange, today announced that Ellis Medicine cut overtime costs by $721,000 during the first six months after deploying API Healthcare’s workforce management technology, when compared to the same time prior to deployment. Following consolidation with two local area providers, Ellis Medicine used data and analytics to improve efficiencies and reduce labor costs, avoiding compromising patient care-strategies for more intelligent and proactive decisions based on workforce knowledge.

“As we grow through consolidation, API Healthcare’s technology allows us to leverage critical employee and patient data to ensure we are optimizing our workforce and making efficient staffing decisions. It leads us towards long term financial viability without compromising the quality of care we provide to our community,” said Joe Giansante, vice president, human resources, Ellis Medicine. “Within the first six months we had realized significant savings. Now two years later, the solution has more than paid for itself.”

Ellis Medicine has reduced overall overtime expenses since implementing API Healthcare technology across their entire organization resulting in a savings of nearly $2 million. Using the Healthcare Workforce Information Exchange, the team at Ellis Medicine was also able to develop a plan that would enable them to tackle retention, recruitment and engagement for their more than 3,000 employees who are spread across four campuses and now over ten service locations.

“Mergers, acquisitions and consolidations are disruptive to an organization’s culture, and if not managed properly can have a negative impact on patient care,” said Giansante. “Creating a transparent and accountable culture was very important for us from the start, and API Healthcare’s solutions became the cornerstone of our plan to create a proactive culture organization wide.”

“The redesign of the healthcare landscape has created unique challenges for our clients,” said J.P. Fingado, president and chief executive officer, API Healthcare. “Controlling labor spending has always been a priority, and the demand for affordable care is increasing at a rapid pace. The strategic development and deployment of the workforce is the key to achieving long-term sustainability and increasing the quality of care in a continually evolving marketplace. As the case study with Ellis Medicine proves, implementation of workforce management technology can provide an immediate and positive return on investment.”

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API Healthcare ( largest healthcare-specific vendor focused on workforce management solutions, is also the architect of the Healthcare Workforce Information Exchange (HwIE); a revolutionary solution that facilitates the sharing of workforce data across the entire continuum of care. Driven by the mission to elevate quality and performance across the healthcare community through innovative workforce solutions and services, API Healthcare has been dedicated to the healthcare industry for more than 30 years. The company’s staffing and scheduling, patient classification, human resources, talent management, payroll, time and attendance, business analytics, and staffing agency solutions are used by more than 1,600 hospitals and staffing agencies. Founded in 1982, API Healthcare has been rated by KLAS in the Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards Report ( as the top time and attendance provider system for the last 11 years (2002-2012) and the top staffing and scheduling solution in 2012.



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