Recognize high-performing employees with rewards that have lasting value.

Healthcare employees are a passionate, hardworking bunch. And it’s important to recognize and reward them for their dedication and accomplishments. An effective recognition program can help reduce turnover, enhance culture, improve the patient and employee experience, and lead to hospital growth and higher profits. GE Healthcare’s state of the art scheduling solutions offer tools to automate and optimize employee recognition programs and help foster staff engagement, such as ShiftRewards®, a module of CentricityShiftSelect®.

Minimize spend while maximizing value

Enabling your employees to better serve your patients and provide an amazing experience can be supported by a strategically planned and implemented recognition program. Your recognition program does not require exorbitant investment dollars.

Solutions support a variety of monetary, as well as point-based incentive options. With ShiftRewards, employees can accumulate and redeem points through an integrated web-based catalog that can be customized to a facility’s preferences. Redemption rewards might include spa treatments, gift certificates, meal coupons or free parking.

Improve existing employee retention and differentiate with prospective new employees.

From the employee perspective, recognition is no longer a “nice to have”:

  • 99.4% of employees expect to be recognized for good work1
  • Only 22% in the healthcare industry feel they are recognized for such2
  • Employees who feel recognized have been observed to give 57% more effort3

With ShiftRewards, healthcare organizations can enable their staff to view shifts with incentive points that can be earned simply for requesting, as well as for being awarded , certain shifts. As a result, employees are recognized for their contribution to helping the organization achieve effective staffing regardless of whether or not they are awarded the shift. Additionally, improved employee satisfaction can lead to more effective staffing and improved quality of care.

To learn more about how employee recognition increases employee satisfaction, we invite you to read:




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