This mini-webinar series provides industry statistics and brief solution demos that address very specific pain points in healthcare. In just 20 minutes – or the time it takes for a coffee break – healthcare leaders can get a taste of the solutions that can help solve those critical issues.



Big-Picture Staffing: A Centralized Approach

Hospital decision-makers are implementing centralized staffing to match staff with patient care needs, while increasing efficiency and cost control at the hospital or health system level. Learn how staffing tools enable enterprise-wide staffing decisions and help you optimize use of internal staff.

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Proactive Productivity Management

Learn how staffing tools help you monitor and manage productivity on a timely basis, enable better staffing decisions that adhere to productivity targets based on projected census, and optimize productivity during the shift.

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Optimize shift coverage and labor costs using rewards and recognition

The right rewards and recognition program is key to maximizing shift coverage and minimizing costs, while increasing employee engagement. Contrasted with traditional monetary or ‘premium pay options,’ rewards and incentives are more effective at motivating staff and driving performance.

Watch this webinar to learn how rewards and incentives are an effective way to empower staff through a Collaborative Staffing approach, helping your organization:

  • Increase coverage for hard-to-fill shifts
  • Reduce premium labor costs
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Drive loyalty and positive work habits

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Solving Open Shift and Real-time Staffing Challenges: a Collaborative Approach

What if you could easily fill open shifts and make real-time staffing adjustments in less time, with staff engagement, while meeting organizational needs and reducing premium labor costs?

Watch the webinar to learn how a new approach to open shift management and real-time staffing with a collaborative model can help:


  • Increase utilization of internal resources
  • Enable staff-sharing across units and facilities
  • Decrease overtime and other premium labor costs
  • Improve organizational culture and staff engagement

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Managing Staffing Dynamics with a Data-Driven Approach

Are you able to assign the right nurse to the right patient as acuity changes on the shift? 

Ask Yourself:

Do you have visibility to patient flow of the unit and the ability to assign staff as needed?

Do you assign staff based on skill and credentials?

Watch this webinar to learn how data-driven staffing can help:

  • Bridge clinical data from your EHR to scheduling, to impact patient outcomes
  • Balance the workload to improve nurse engagement and retention
  • Effectively manage patient flow and predict admissions
  • Adjust and project staffing as needed for the current and upcoming shift for staffing efficiencies and cost savings

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Reducing the Human Resources and Payroll Chaos

Is your Human Resources and Payroll solution working as hard as it should for your organization? Many healthcare HR teams are buried in paperwork, struggle with manual processes, lack self-service options for employees, and juggle data spread across disparate systems..

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single source of truth for your employee-related data?

Watch this webinar for this brief demo that shows how CentricityTM Human Resources and Payroll addresses these issues with the Electronic Employee Record

In just 20 minutes you will learn how:

  • Self-service options empower managers and employees with access to data
  • A tax engine saves time and ensures compliance with automated tax table changes
  • Digital file management reduces reliance on paper files and enables easy reporting
  • Effective data management enables mass raises, effective dating and more


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Collaborative Staffing: How Open Shift Management Fulfills Needs

A Collaborative Staffing model delivers much more than happy employees. It frees managers’ time from highly administrative scheduling tasks, helps reduce labor costs, and enables widespread cultural improvements through an engaged and accountable staff. How?...

In this webinar on the impact of Collaborative Staffing, we’ll take a closer look at how employee-driven open shift management has the power to transform organizational culture and powerfully impact the bottom line.

In just 20 minutes we’ll demonstrate how Collaborative Staffing with the ShiftSelect scheduling solution enables:

  • Reduced premium labor spend by tapping into previously unknown internal resource
  • How staff autonomy creates a culture of equity and accountability
  • Lessons learned from outside healthcare

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Collaborative Staffing: Driving Performance with Rewards & Recognition

The right rewards program is central to maximizing shift coverage while minimizing labor cost. Contrasted with traditional monetary or ‘premium pay options’, we’ll explore why rewards and incentives are more effective at motivating staff and driving performance.

In the second webinar of this two-part series on the impact of Collaborative Staffing, we’ll take a closer look at the key aspects of affinity programs including:

  • The psychology of reward systems: why they work
  • How adding incentives to open shifts can actually save your organization money
  • The importance of rewards and recognition for employee engagement

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Overtime and Patient Satisfaction: The Ripple Effect

Presenter: Amy Jo Encinas,  Product Specialist

While unmanaged overtime can be an expensive proposition, the implications of overtime can extend beyond finances to areas like staff engagement and patient satisfaction.

Join us for a brief and insightful webinar as we explore the link between nurse overtime and the extended impact on patient satisfaction for your hospital.

In just 20 minutes you will learn how proactively managing overtime with an automated staffing and scheduling solution can help your organization:

  • Maintain a healthy bottom line
  • Elevate job satisfaction
  • Have a ripple effect on patient satisfaction

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