GE Healthcare ‘Leads In Acute Care Scheduling Innovation’ In 2016 KLAS Performance Report: “Scheduling 2016: Staff, Nurse, and Physician, Are Vendors Delivering Promised Technology?”
Cloud-based Centricity™ ShiftSelect® and Centricity™ Staffing and Scheduling receive high marks from clients for innovation, progressiveness and overall satisfaction. 

Citing their satisfaction with the level of innovation seen in both GE Healthcare staffing and scheduling solutions, clients called out the overall product functionality and GE Healthcare’s focus on developing new technology as reasons for giving such high marks. 

According to KLAS, “those using ShiftSelect describe their solution as nimble for its web-based capabilities. Those using Staffing and Scheduling enjoy native integration between their scheduling, time and attendance, and HR/payroll systems.”

The use of data to help project reliable schedules with a high degree of accuracy is a critical component of a successful staffing and scheduling system. ShiftSelect and Staffing and Scheduling clients know this, and cite the reporting features in ShiftSelect and the templates in Staffing and Scheduling as key features behind their satisfaction. 

According to KLAS, “those using ShiftSelect mainly highlight the accurate reporting, which contributes to having reliable census data. This reliability allows providers to have confidence in the schedules that are predicted by ShiftSelect.”

Creating accountability and giving employees flexibility and control over their schedules are major staff satisfiers. The self-scheduling features in ShiftSelect and Staffing and Scheduling hit these marks for clients. So does the customizable rules engine and easy to navigate interface. 

According to KLAS, “providers using GE Healthcare Staffing and Scheduling say that high consistency has led to positive experiences. They say they are able to easily navigate the system and that their functionality needs are being met.”

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