Nurse managers do it all, every day. Responsible for the quality of care in frontline nursing, their number one priority is enabling staff to deliver safe, efficient and effective patient care.

"Overtime has long been an issue for us, as nurse managers have consistently struggled with catching problems in advance. The staffing and scheduling solution shows exactly where we are at risk for overtime and allows managers to adjust scheduling strategies without compromising care quality."  
-Meg Pemberton, Director of Capacity Management

With our qualification-based software and services, that job can be a little easier. Virence Health is an expert in healthcare staffing excellence, productivity and performance. We have tools to help nurse managers:

Improve and sustain staff engagement with more equitable assignments

Meet and exceed productivity goals by facilitating skills- and interest-based assignments.

Empower employees with self-scheduling tools that give them more control over work/life balance.

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on higher value activities such as clinical competence and quality of care.

To learn more about our resources to support effective nurse management, we invite you to check out these focused solutions: