Assigning the right caregiver to the right patient is a complex process. Consideration to patient care needs, skill mix of available staff and patient flow on the unit are some of the dynamic factors to consider for equitable assignments.

CentricityTM Patient Classification provides the tools to make data-driven assignments and adjust staffing as needed for both the current and upcoming shift, resulting in staffing efficiencies which help contain costs and improve patient outcomes.

The Power of Integration

Centricity Patient Classification leverages your current systems to apply clinical data to your staffing decisions impacting staff engagement, patient satisfaction and cost savings:

Integrates with Scheduling

  • Seamless integration to available staff list
  • Project direct care hours required based on skill mix for upcoming shift
  • Adjust staffing requirements every 4 hours throughout coverage period

Patient Care Workload-Interfaces with the Electronic Health Record 

  • Clinical Information Interface to CPOE, Nursing Documentation and EMAR for a comprehensive picture of patient care needs, acuity projections and trends

Unit Patient Flow-Integrates with ADT, Census

  • Admissions – visibility to admission activity; actual, pending and expected with projected acuity
  • Discharge and Transfer – adjusts workload capacity when patient is off the unit
  • Census – receives and displays current information

Evidence-Based Solution

With over 15 years of practice, observation and literature review Centricity Patient Classification is built from validated content on a strong technology platform.

Help Improve Patient Outcomes by assigning the right caregiver to the right patient based on real-time patient needs with the ability to make staffing adjustments as needed.  

Help Increase Employee Engagement and Retention through equitable assignments and transparency in staffing assignments with consideration to skill set, unit flow and continuity of care.

Reduce labor costs with staffing efficiencies through the ability to adjust staff based on changing dynamics of the patient, unit flow and staff for the current and upcoming shift.

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