Problem: Multiple offices across the United States created the need for greater transparency across business lines

Solution: Implementation of data centralization plus greater tracking and monitoring capabilities

Results: Seamless data integration and access to critical information increased visibility across all offices and all business functions

"The gains in monitoring capabilities have enhanced our customer service with a leaner administrative staff. Upper level management insight is greatly improved and drill-down capability to actual moments in time help us correct potential problem areas faster, thus improving business performance!"

Ted Mayberry,
Vice President
Suwannee Medical

Managing multiple offices with a single solution.

Founded in 1988, Suwannee Medical has grown to include 32 employees and 1500 temps, being managed via 15 offices across the United States including Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. “We place nursing and allied professionals. It’s what we do and we do it well," stated Ted Mayberry, Vice President, Suwannee Medical. "We needed a product that could help us meet the growing demands for quality and compliance among our clients. And with so many employees and temps we needed an online staffing solution that was fast and easy to use and learn." The API Healthcare solutions are web-based and remote hosted making data storage and access quick and efficient. The ability to increase speed of communications and information sharing was seen as a critical need in order to impact productivity.

Quick and easy implementation was paramount.

Suwannee Medical was suffering from a slow laborious process, lost leads, and difficult credentialing. "We viewed several staffing software products in an RFP process," continued Ted. "I got our other upper level management to agree to view the demo. The speed we witnessed and the ease of use just made it easy to decide on API Healthcare." Contingent Staffing Solution streamlines all key functions in an agency, from staffing and hiring to payroll and invoicing. Robust reporting in key areas like profitability, cancellation analysis, journal activity, and unreconciled time cards gave them transparency into departmental issues and opportunities making accountability a priority for all managers.

Enterprise wide efficiencies and increased productivity.

The API Healthcare solutions vastly improved the operations of each region and each office. Visibility across all offices and business functions was also significantly improved. "The fact that we can access files and data from anywhere at anytime translated into efficiencies that went straight to our bottom line," said Ted. “Increased functionality and integration of back office tasks like payroll and invoicing have had a company wide impact on our P&L." Suwannee Medical has seen 30% growth since 2002 and has become the fastest growing medical staffing agency in the Southeastern United States. “Everyone is on the same page, and that kind of momentum has allowed us to continue growing even in adverse times."