Intervene before productivity issues – and costs – escalate

Are you playing catch-up with productivity problems? Learning about overtime issues after the fact? Uncovering inconsistencies in pay rule application?

How much is it costing you?

Imagine being informed and empowered to take action before problems even occur. With Virence Health’s robust CentricityTM Time and Attendance you view critical productivity data instantaneously. This allows you to make real-time adjustments that can have a sizeable impact on cost control. 

Designed for the unique complexities of the healthcare industry, our innovative technology delivers the ability to control overtime and other premium labor costs. 

Streamline the implementation of pay policies and rules across the organization, including multiple locations and states 

Reduce risk by ensuring equitable, accurate application of even the most complicated rules

Save time and training costs with our intuitive, icon-based user interface – a refreshing improvement over text-heavy systems

Increase employee satisfaction by enabling staff to go online to review timecards, track hours worked, view vacation and sick time, and request time off

Improve manager productivity with the ability to run reports and make approvals online.

Enjoy cost-effective sustainability with tools that let you modify rules, such as shift differentials, as issues arise – no need to involve external resources to customize rules whenever indicators change.

In a 24/7 healthcare setting, across the entire continuum of care, having a time and attendance solution that integrates with staffing and scheduling as well as payroll, while navigating all of the unique complexities, is critical to keeping labor costs in check and productivity levels high.  

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